AG-ZOOM is a visualization platform adapted to the needs of professional agriculture.

How does AgZoom help us?

Some real AGZoom applications are:

- Check the water status of your crop in real time. Anticipate water stress.

- Consult climatic parameters.

- Calculation of pest and disease risk models. When new data arrives, the models are calculated instantly. Receive an alert on your mobile and decide when to apply.

- In the list of widgets you will find the specific visualization. AGZoom allows you to craft your visualization with very little effort.

- The software must be adapted to the user and we are committed to it.


Access the data from the sensors installed in your plots. In one click and in real time.


Ag-Zoom transforms the data into indicators of the hydric and/or sanitary state of your crop.


Ag-Zoom allows the analysis of the real conditions of your plot with AI algorithms.
· Real data representative of their plots.
· Reliable and robust technology
· Models

How does it work?

Connect -> Register -> Display


AgDevice promptly sends the data captured in the field to the AG-ZOOM / AWS servers. These are processed upon arrival, transforming them into information.


Depending on the sensors installed, a display proposal is generated that can be modified by the user to adapt it to specific needs.


(PAW) Water available for cultivation. plant activity. Drain fraction.


Implemented models: Next slide.


Custom visualizations. Contact us to make your widget.




Personalization for companies

· Alarm system: SMS; TELEGRAM, WHATSAPP...

· APP. Always available with you.

· API. If you have your platform, you can easily integrate the data. REST API available to customers.


Your data in a single click and with a display adapted to your device with our App available for IOS and Android.